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AR magazine AW21 collection

C&A's new Autumn/Winter collection has been launched in Europe with a virtual fashion show and AR magazine as a teaser for this event. The Collection Showroom AW21 magazine was completely sketched and by scanning the QR codes with a smartphone, the story of the collection came to life in augmented reality (AR).

Client - C&A, FRIENDSHIP    3D Animation -  Rabbit Hole

For the launch of its new Autumn / Winter collection in Europe, C&A organized a virtual

fashion show in collaboration with Belgian advertising agency Friendship. They sent more than 550 guests from 19 different countries everything they needed to sit back and enjoy the presentation from the comfort of their own home: goodies and … an empty magazine …that came to life and offered an immersive AR experience.


We developed a complete webAR (AR in the mobile browser) experience where each of the 20 pages told its own story.


The readers were given a preview of the collection via a so-called AR portal, which brought them 4 mannequins into their home. Or discovered the creators and the idea behind the collections through collages and mood boards in AR. And they themselves became fashion designers by coloring a sketch and then seeing it in front of them in AR. And to build up the tension to the event, the fall and a countdown clock in AR literally popped out of the centerfold.

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