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Are you a student looking for an internship / job in AR development?


Check out further details below and get in touch if you are interested. Send an email to


You are:

  • following a Gaming, 3D or VFX oriented education

  • passionate about augmented reality and its potential to turn social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook & TikTok into the digital playgrounds of the future

  • not afraid of adventuring into still largely unknown technical territories

  • already experimenting with new forms of creativity and storytelling through your own social channels and / or a candid follower of people who do and understand the trends they surf on



You preferably have (one or more of these):

  • knowledge of programming and/or scripting languages (like javascript, C++…)

  • experience working on 3D games and / or developing gaming logic

  • experience with Augmented Reality technologies

  • experience in designing and concepting digital experiences

  • experience with Unity3D

  • experience with 3D modeling, rigging, texturing, animation

  • experience with node-based VFX tools, GLSL shaders, WebGL


You will

  • work on amazing and fun AR experiences for a wide range of clients

  • have to opportunity to bring your own thoughts / vision to the table

  • deep dive (with lots of guidance) into Spark AR, Lens Studio and other tools we use

  • work in a small team of really nice and talented 3D artists & AR developers


We're based in Belgium and the Netherlands (Europe)    

but work around the globe

Get in touch if we can help!

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