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University of Antwerp

Tour of the future

An AR tour with 6 experiences allowed young people to experience the future in various places in Antwerp. In this recruitment campaign for the University of Antwerp you could marry an android, let pterosaurs fly through the air again or meet a demonstrating polar bear.

Client - Wunderman Thompson, Brand - University of Antwerp, Character Design & 3D Animation -  Rabbit Hole

The tour led the potential students past five billboards with special posters. When they scanned those posters with their smartphones, they could see the future come to life through AR. For example, there were penguins waddling and floating around on the Kattendijkdok and the Antwerp KBC Tower rose to become the tallest building in Europe.

The demonstrating polar bear was an extra experience that was not pinned to a location. The polar was committed to climate change and students could chill with him.



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